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Established in 1821 and named in honor of Colonel Richard Callaway, Calloway County is located in the Jackson Purchase Region of Kentucky and is in the central time zone. The Kentucky General  Assembly recognized Calloway County with official action Nov. 3, 1822.  Covering more than 386 square miles and rising 550 feet above sea level, Calloway County is home to just under 40,000 full time residents, Murray State University and beautiful Kentucky Lake. 

Calloway County Enhanced 911 Emergency Response System requires that all persons, firms, corporations and other legal entities, upon completing construction of new structures or locating or relocating mobile homes in Calloway County, obtain an Address Notification Form. Anyone modifying an existing structure with an issued 911 address should also notify the 911 Address Coordinators office upon completion. 


Calloway County Ordinance # 94-3 requires that each principal structure or building shall display the number assigned on the side of the structure visible from the road or street. These numbers shall not be less than three (3) inches in height. If a structure is not visible from a street or road on which it is located and no mailbox is beside the driveway leading to the structure, a sign or number post shall be erected to display the numbers assigned. The sign or number post shall be placed in a manner visible to all. Mailboxes shall be marked with the assigned 911 address numbers.


Anyone wanting to apply for a 911 address should call the 911 Coordinator at 270-753-3151 and print the form available below under 'FORMS'.

CodeRED is a new emergency notification service that replaces the OneCallNow system Calloway County used to use.  Using CodeRED, officials can notify County residents and businesses by telephone, cellular phone, text message, or electronic mail about time-sensitive emergency situations or important community alerts such as severe weather warnings and updates, hazardous traffic or road conditions affecting local routes, and any other situation that could impact the safety, property, or welfare of our citizens.  The system is capable of sending messages only to specific neighborhoods or to the entire county.  Only authorized officials are allowed access to the system.  Learn More>>